Tuesday, August 28, 2012

God Story #2

For this weeks God Story , it actually involves with my current  dentist.  Since last year my dentist  told me that  I needed to  redo my  bridge  on the right side of mouth because it was cracked and there was  no way to  repair  it except to   give me a   brand new one.  A few years back I had paid for this bridge that he did out of my own  pocket  and I paid full price for it  because  I  did not have dental insurance back then.   Well it was time to do the bridge again, which I thought it was unreal and  now that I have dental insurance, it still did not cover the cost of my bridge.

Last year, I was  quoted that I would  still have to  pay  over $2000  even with the insurance claim maxed out.  There was no way  I could fork out that much money.  My goal this year was to actually save up  for this bridge.  I was   actually building my  savings account to save up for this procedure  However,   all that I saved up was  taken away  in June  due to fraudulent  charges  created  by  one client.  Imagine me helping  a client for 2 months then  they take it all back from  credit card  companies.  All that money disappeared... so I was stuck  trying to figure out the dental payment  I needed to make.

Unfortunately my bridge area started to feel  more sensitive so then I had to  talk to the dental office and let them know what was  going on with my life.  I  explained to them there was no way I could  afford a  2k payment on the  bridge that I  had  fully paid for a couple  years back.  At this rate I don't know when I  will be able to do the  bridge. So I asked kindly if there was a  way to   negotiate  a  better  rate for me. Well, it turns out they emailed me last week to give me a new quote. I found out the receptionist  quoted me  wrong. In fact she told me that I actually needed to do a 4 bridge instead of a 3 bridge so its even more expensive because that would total the bridge to be over $4000 without insurance and  even if  I did use up all my insurance this year  I would have to make over $3000 in payments .Luckily , my dentist was very  kind to me and he actually offered a  reduced rate  for me. He decided to only charge half and take the rest of my insurance for the year but the final payment  would be  $945.  Not only is that  affordable but he has it set up for me to   pay this off  slowly  for a year. So that is less than  $100   a month  for me. Its rare to find   a dentist that actually care about  their patients and  are willing to work with them.  I am actually grateful that he  was so generous  to  give me this  discount.   It really helps me financially here  so I can actually get teeth done next  month.  I am so glad that I no longer need to stress over my dental work,  the universe really made  this happen for me.  :)

Did anyone have  something positive  to share  from last week?  What was it? :)


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