Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Candle Magic Tip #1 Cleanse Your Space

 Time  for a new tip on Candle magic.  Usually I would tell you to  burn the candles the way that  you  want to when you purchase at my store but I  started to realize I need to be a bit more clear  with my directions. Just because  I know how to cast it doesn't doesn't mean everyone does.  We can always  light the candle  and  perform  our magic any time.  Just be sure you pay attention in terms  what to light first.  So my first tip today is:  Cleanse your space. That is right! Cleansing should be one of the things you should do more with your home. Whether  you are  lighting the sage and  blowing around the home  or  even  lighting my cleansing candles ( heck do both for greater effect)  you can really get more positive energy flowing into your own own space.

We often  don't think cleansing  is important but think about it this way, don't you feel better when you clean your house and  get rid of stuff you know longer need? Removing the clutter and feeling more  organized  is a great because you are getting rid  of old energy without realizing it. The same can be said  for this  sage and  cleansing candles.   Think of it  this way, every time we don't get  along  with someone or have an argument with others,  we are  building negative  energy around us. So its really important to  get yourself  refreshed and  cleanse so you can always look start off feeling good each day. I am sure you don't want  that negative energy floating around you, I know  I don't.   The  more negativity is  around your space, the higher the chance  you will be focusing  in on the negative that is around you. We  don't need that! Remember we have to keep that positive energy around us so we can keep focus on manifesting the positive in our life.

Now how often should you cleanse?  Well that is totally up to you.  Try to feel it out, if you are feeling down or icky energy wise then do a bit of cleansing.  Don't hesitate even thinking about it, just doing it will help  you feel lighter. If you do a lot of  spiritual work  like I do,  you might to need to do a bit more often. I tend  to try to cleanse my space once a month at least. If I have done a lot of readings lately  and  feel a bit  icky, I will do it more frequently. Sometimes it can once a month for me , other times it can be  every two weeks.  Rarely do I need to  cleanse weekly. That's a good thing for me, guess I am  not  floating in all that negative energy after all the heavy readings I do on a  daily basis lol. My  guides are  really on top of their duty in bringing the positive energy all around me.

How does Cleansing candles help your candle magic? Well, I have found that if I light a cleansing candle first,   it clears up the  room  and space  brings  in a nice positive  energy. This is important  to be because I have a clearer  mind set in how I am going to be  casting the next candle.   It can  also give a bigger push of positive energy to  the next few candles that you burn after that. It really does double up on the effect of the candles I cast and helps  get  those results I am  looking for a bit faster. When I cleanse and then cast magic, I  can feel the movement of my  magic even more.  Try this tip, you be surprised what cleansing can do for you.

Curious about Cleansing candles?  Try  my personal  handroll version  at my store.

Have you ever cleanse your own space? Does  it make a difference in how you feel?? What do you think?


  1. Top tip! I definitely need to clean up my workspace :) Thanks for sharing

  2. lol same here every time I make it clean on my work space, it gets all messy again in a few days, always needing to get keep it together for myself guess I need a more structured format for my home.


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