Thursday, March 28, 2013

Candle Magic Tip #2 Blessing Your Space

The next candle magic tip I am going to give you  is a nice bonus to do for yourself. While its  not a necessity to have to do a blessing candle it really does give a nice boost in energy.  Most people think of blessing  candles as a way to honor their God or Goddess. While that is true, the  bonus to  casting  the blessing  candle it to ask the universe to bring in more positive into your life all around you. Think of it this way ~  do you want every day to be a blessing?  Can you see the blessings in your life? A blessing candle  helps  improve  all areas in your  life. It gives that nice flowing positive energy you need all around you. It also helps you believe in the power of what you are casting for yourself! And Most importantly you do not need to be religious to use this  candle. All you have to do is ask for more blessings and  thank the universe for helping you in whatever way they can! you can make this candle work for a specific purpose as well.

For example, just last week I casted a blessing candle after I cleansed my space. I have to say I was impressed as I never had a blessing candle  burn so quickly.  I asked the  universe to continue to bless my home and my work as well as my business. I  told them I feel so blessed that they have  growing my candle business and I asked them to continue to  build the  business that I have  as well as well as improve my client base on psychic readings. I also give thanks to the universe for all the hard work that they have done. Well let me tell you it hasn't be a week yet, and I cant believe that I  received 6 orders from my shop on Etsy in 2 days which was amazing because I didn't think it was  going to just boom  happen right away lol. On top of that  my psychic business picked  again this week  and sites that I thought were too slow ( which I didn't log on for a long time ) starting rolling in the new clients for me to read. Not only that, but  I am already getting these new clients  coming in  to check on things even after their first read which I also know that eventually they will be returning regulars later down the  road.

Sometimes its not about  burning my money candles to bring in the money.  The reason I bring in the burn blessing candles is because things are  flowing  just right in my life so I ask the universe to keep doing what they are doing because its working for me.   Think of this way, if your love relationship is gong strong , use  a  blessing candle to enhance it.  Just ask me to  dress it for love and I will do it for you. If your business has improved and you want it to stay  that way. Ask me to dress it for  your business, I will do that for you so you can keep this momentum in your business.  Just remember don't  disregard this candle, because once you cast the blessing candle the next  few candles you work on are  even more powerful and pushes out the  positive even further than you could imagine. Definitely worth the investment.

What do you think of blessing candles now? Did you think it was for  religious purposes only??

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